Email Guidelines & Suggestions

To combat the volume of junk email we receive, we are tightening up the email filters we use to automatically delete junk email. To prevent your email from being inadvertently deleted, please follow the guidelines and suggestions below. If you follow these guidelines and suggestions, your email will not be mistaken as junk email by our automated filters.
Addressing Address your email to either Hal or Karen as shown below. Our email address is NOT case sensitive -- you may use upper case, lower case, or mixed upper and lower case, as in the examples below.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
If you address your email any other way, it will be deleted before we ever see it. For example, if you address email to [email protected], it will be deleted.

The "Subject" line is the focus of most of our junk email filtering. Our suggestions for Subject line "Do's" and "Don'ts" are listed below.

Please Do:
- Make the Subject line relatively short. We suggest 8 words or less.
- Make the Subject line descriptive and relevant to your email.
    Example: I love my collar!
    Example: I have a question on collar colors
- Make sure you do put something in the Subject line.
Please Do Not:
- Do not use "zero information" subjects.
    Example: Hey, Karen!
- Do not leave the Subject line blank.
- Do not use any of the "Subject Line No-No" words listed below.
Subject Line No-No Words

Do not use any of the words below in the subject line of your email! Note also that this is not necessarily a complete list of "no-no" words. Think of these as examples of words not to use, and please realize that we will not update this list every time we refine our junk email filters. Do not use:

  • Generic or brand names of any drugs
  • pharmacy
  • Fw: [
  • Re: Account
  • Re [
  • Any of the words, phrases, or symbols in the junk email you receive

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