Karen Cares Golden GuaranteeTM

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the dog collar or leash within 7 days and receive a full refund or exchange.

Strictly speaking, that is the extent of Karen's guarantee.  However, Karen has never been strict, and so far has never refused to refund or replace a collar, even months after its original purchase.

It is also worth noting that, after selling about 10,000 collars, less than five (5) people have asked for a refund.  (We think only two have done so; we don't keep track, but we are certain it is less than 5.)

Karen cares deeply about her customers, the dogs that wear her collars, and the quality of her products.  She has always given her customers the best possible service and highest quality products.  Karen also provides unsurpassed after-purchase care.  She always strives to please.

Are there limits to how far Karen will go to please a customer?  Honestly, yes, there are limits, but these come into play only in extraordinary situations.  For example, if the purchaser leaves a leather collar lying around and the dog uses it for a chew toy, please don't ask Karen to replace it for free.  Karen accomodates all reasonable requests, but please do be reasonable.  However, Karen understands that it isn't always possible for a customer to know what is reasonable and what is not, so if you have any doubt at all, please ask.

If you have a special request, please feel welcome to ask about that too.  Want a narrow collar? -- Karen can do that at no extra charge.  Want an extra wide collar? -- Karen can do that at no extra charge.  Want to use a trim you found that Karen doesn't stock? -- Karen can do that too (but please contact Karen first for special instructions).

Want a collar for your goat? -- Karen can do that too (but doesn't recommend it).  Want a collar or leash for your ostrich or llama? -- we promise not to laugh, but don't recommend that either.  Please do not ask Karen to make collars or leashes for feral or exotic animals.  (Well, she might try making one for a ferret.)

Collars for any animals other than dogs are not guaranteed and cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances!

Collars used by people for exotic activities cannot be returned or replaced, and are not guaranteed to be hypo-allergenic.  As a matter of fact, collars used for any purpose other than as dog collars are not guaranteed in any manner and Karen's Kollars assumes no responsibility or liability arising from such uses.  Actually, regardless of circumstances, the maximum extent of our liability is to replace the purchase price.

Karen's Kollars reserves the right to exercise its limited guarantee in its most restrictive legal sense.  The fact that we never have exercised such strict rights shall not be interpreted to mean that we do not retain the right to do so at any time in the future, as we do, in fact, explicitly retain such rights.

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