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"Banx" models some collars.

patriotic collar

Karen carries solid brass snap-hooks for toy breeds.

Be sure to check Karen's Kalendar!

Karen makes collars out of UltrasuedeTMUltraleatherTMgenuine leather  and premium leather. Whichever you choose, you will get the finest, most beautiful, and most functional collar for your money that is available anywhere.
Here are a couple Ultraleather samples to give you an idea of the beauty and workmanship of these collars. Click on a "thumbnail" photo to see a larger view. (Some materials and trims may no longer be available -- check the swatches and trims pages for what is currently available.)
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Description (See our Photo Album!)

Humane sighthound collars are hand sewn by Karen Hawley. They are a "martingale" design, similar in principle to "center pull brakes" for bicycles. They are designed to close tightly enough to not slide over the dog's ears, but wide and padded so as not to choke. When fully closed, the dog can still breathe easily and comfortably.

The collars are made from Ultrasuede®, Ultraleather®, or genuine leather, and have a variety of soft backings for comfort, sturdy edging, and a strip of decorative trim running down the center of the collar (laterally on the dog, "lengthwise" on the collar). With genuine leather collars you may select a soft leather inner lining instead of the imitation sheepskin at no additional charge. Premium leather collars have a genuine fleece (skeepskin) lining (imitation sheepskin or soft leather lining is available on request).

The Ultrasuede colors are almost too numerous to list, but here's a sampling: red, green, blue, royal blue, navy blue, gold, yellow, orange, purple, burgundy, turquoise, blue suede, tan and fuchsia.

Mariah collar
Saddle Ultraleather has been discontinued.
This same color is available in the Terre Ultrasuede.

A large variety of center trims is available. Trim styles include iridescents, multicolors, florals, galloons, jacquards, ornamentals, tapestries, a variety of other styles (plaids, paisley, Southwestern, etc.), and Christmas trims. Trim may be ordered with the genuine leather collars, but we think the leather collars look absolutely stunning without trim.

The collars come in 6 basic sizes: small, petite, medium, intermediate, large, and extra large, but can be custom fitted to any size. We ask you to provide accurate measurements and Karen will size the collar accordingly.

The collars were designed originally for Greyhounds, but are suitable for dogs of any breed or size, from giants (such as Wolfhounds) to "midgets" (such as Italian Greyhounds). You can see this for yourself by visiting Karen's Photo Album.

The collars are of sturdy, but comfortable, construction, and are designed to last for years. Please see our limited guarantee.

Ultrasuede and Ultraleather collars are completely machine washable (air or fluff dry). Genuine leather collars require the same care as any fine leather.

Please refer to the current retail price list for prices.

How to Order:

  1. Decide what you want from all the many options of materials, colors, and trims.
    (This can be a daunting task, so we've added a new "selections" page to help.)
  2. Print the order form.  (Use one order form for each collar.)
  3. Measure your dog accurately to ensure a proper fit.
  4. Fill out the order form, and mail it with your check.
      -- We are not set up to accept credit cards.
      -- There is a $35 returned check fee for unpaid checks due to nonsufficient funds (NSF), closed accounts etc.
  5. If you are outside the United States, please see the procedures for international orders.

If you have an email address, be sure to include it, and we will notify you by email if there is any delay in shipping your collar.

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