Karen's Kollars Order Form

Please refer to the retail price list for current prices.
All prices include shipping within the USA. See international procedures for countries and territories outside the USA.
Note: A few trims carry an extra charge as noted on the trim samples.

Mail a separate form for each collar, and your check or money order, to:

          Karen's Kollars, 110 Fencebird Lane, Sequim, WA 98382-8900

Most orders are at your door within 4 days, but allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  
If there is a delay for any reason, we will notify you (preferably by email).  

Name:  _____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________
                 (Be sure to include zip code.)

Day Phone:  ___________________   Evening Phone:  ___________________

Email Address: ____________________________________

About the dog:

    Breed:  ________________________   Color:  __________________________

    Sex:  ______   Weight: _________ (lbs.)    Age:  ____________________
    Neck size:  _________ (in.)

    If NOT a Greyhound (please do measure IG's):
        Head circumference (at largest):  _________ (in.)

About the collar:  Check One:  [ ] Ultrasuede   [ ] Ultraleather
                               [ ] Leather      [ ] Premium Leather

    Color:  _________________________   

    Trim color/pattern:  _______________________________________________

Note:  Due to the wide variations in available trim, we may not be able
to match the trim preference exactly but will do as best we can. Please
feel free to use the area below or an additional page to describe your trim 
preferences.  You may also order the collar without any ornamental trim.

                               Price (see price list): ______  

                         Extra cost of specialty trim: ______

                    Extra cost of solid brass D-rings: ______

            Add $5 if neck or head is larger than 17": ______

                 Shipping (international orders only): ______

                                                Total: ______

Notice:  A $35 returned check fee will be charged for checks that are not paid due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc.

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