Karen's Kalendar

This and Every Year
Karen reserves the right to celerbrate any or all of these dates as holidays.
(Hal encourages you to order collars at any time, but especially near these dates -- as an
experiment to see if Karen will celebrate them as holidays when there is work to be done.)
Dates Event / Description
January 1st New Year's Day
January 26th Australia Day (Australia)
February 2nd Groundhog Day (USA & Canada)
If you see your shadow (or not!), it's time to order a new collar for spring.
February 24th Flag Day (Mexico)
February 25th People Power Day (Philippines)
First Monday
in March
Labour Day (Australia)
March 17th St. Patrick's Day (Ireland and Montserrat)
March 22nd Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)
April 5th Tomb Sweeping Day (Taiwan)
Festa della Liberazione (Italy)
April 25th ANZAC Day (Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tonga)
Festa della Liberazione (Italy)
Freedom Day (Portugal)
May 1st Labor Day, Workers' Day, International Workers' Day (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, PRC, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Venezuela, ...)
Note: In some countries, celebrated on the nearest Monday.
May 3rd Constitution Memorial Day (Japan)
May 5th Cinco de Mayo
A day to celebrate and appreciate Mexican heritage and pride.
May 8th V-E Day (France)
Last Monday
in May
Memorial Day (USA, Puerto Rico)
Treat your pooch to a new Patriotic Collar!
June 25-26 Battle of the Little Bighorn, a.k.a. Custer's Last Stand (USA)
Not a holiday, but a good reminder to all that things don't always go as planned.
July 1st Canada Day (Canada)
Territory Day (BVI)
July 4th Independence Day (USA)
Treat your pooch to a new Patriotic Collar!
July 5th Independence Day (Venezuela)
July 9th Independence Day (Argentina)
July 14th Bastille Day (France)
August 15th Independence Day (India)
1st Monday
in September
Labor Day (USA), Labour Day (Canada)
Time to order a new collar for fall and winter!
September 7th Independence Day (Brazil)
September 16th Independence Day (Mexico)
Time to enjoy a sip of fine tequila (or a "virgin" margarita)!
October 10th Fiji Day (Fiji)
October 12th Day of Indigenous Resistance (Venezuela)
4th Monday
in October
Labour Day (New Zealand)
October 28th "Ochi day" (Greece)
November 11th Armistice Day (Belgium, France, ...)
Independence Day (Poland)
Veterans' Day (USA, Puerto Rico)
4th Thursday
in November
Thanksgiving Day (USA)
December 1st Last day to order a collar with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.
December 6th Independence Day (Finland)
mid Dec - mid Jan Karen will not be filling orders during this time. We may be in-and-out, but have dedicated these days to relaxing and enjoying ourselves together.
December 25th Christmas Day